Careers at CHN Partners

Why would a career at CHN Herold Ross work for you?

Firstly, when it comes to making the investment of time and resources to aid our employees development CHN Herold Ross are firmly on the front foot.

We offer the personalized support of one-on-one coaching from partners and managers, combined with financial support for structured professional development pursuits.

We help employees to set goals and we anticipate and look forward to seeing them operating at increasingly professional levels, progressing to their next career level within the firm and achieving their personal development goals.

We promote client contact and ongoing relationship building among various levels of personnel to ensure all employees contribute to the client experience at the appropriate levels.

Through coaching and client exposure employees gain opportunities to learn and to put into practice their technical, interpersonal and client management skills.

Graduate Recruitment

CHN Herold Ross recognizes and understands that there are some ‘Must-haves” in the early career needs of an accounting graduate.

  • Exposure to challenging and meaningful work
  • Access to managers and partners for mentoring you to your potential
  • Exposure to different clients and accounting disciplines
  • A culture that supports your learning and rewards your achievements

To support the ‘Next-steps’ in your career we also recognize that your ongoing development will need to include:

  • CA/CPA support including paid study leave and merit salary increments
  • Commitment to a significant investment in developing your personal and professional skills
  • A competitive salary that increments to reflect your progression within the firm and the attainment of career goals in congruence with the firms objectives.

At CHN Herold Ross we know that our greatest asset, and the future of our firm is in our people and our significant support to graduates is one of many ways that we assure that future

Cadetship Recruitment

If you are currently studying for your degree we may be able to offer you a year of ‘Industry Based Learning’ where you have the opportunity to gain practical experience. This is a semi-structured career path, where you can get a taste of a career with CHN Herold Ross before returning to study and finishing your degree and hopefully return as a Graduate Recruit.

Our recruitment of cadets is typically of students in the 2nd year of their studies towards an accounting degree, who have decided that their next step is to gain industry experience.

Selection Criteria

Our recruitment of graduates and cadets favors motivated individuals that demonstrate a sound aptitude for accounting via their academic results, determination to succeed and excellent interpersonal skills.