Trades & Services

Often faced with extreme competition and slim margins, business owners operating in the trades and services industry require reliable and timely information. By utilising a variety of information technology solutions, CHN Partners are able to provide detailed information about your business and discuss ways to increase profitability and grow your net wealth.

In today’s volatile market, expert advice can be the difference between success and failure. By engaging CHN Partners as your trusted advisor, we will endeavor to improve business growth, maintain wealth protection and help you take control of your cash flow position through strategic planning and ongoing management.

The team at CHN Partners have a solid working knowledge in the following areas specifically affecting the trades & services industry:

  • Accounting, audit and tax compliance
  • Accounting for property development projects and GST compliance
  • Minimising taxation exposure through appropriate business structuring
  • Navigating complex employee/subcontractor issues
  • Liaison between trade regulatory bodies