At CHN Partners, we help you achieve financial well-being.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small to medium sized company, an industry professional or family enterprise, our accountants can help you maximise growth, reduce tax and kick more financial goals.

Why us? We’re a family orientated firm. For over 30 years, we’ve helped many people live better lifestyles by implementing smart accounting solutions. Whether it’s getting your tax organised, creating a business plan or exiting, we’re here to help you succeed.
Sure, we offer accounting, tax and business advisory services like most. But it’s our approach – by being attentive, innovative and acting as a sounding board – that we think you’ll enjoy.
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We know that starting or buying a business can be a scary experience and an extremely emotional decision.

At CHN Partners, we say ‘begin with the end in mind.’ We’ll help you to set clear goals and identify the essential steps to be taken on your road to achieving them.

Starting a Business

Every business starts from an idea. You believe you can provide a service or sell a product that isn’t currently available, or in a better way than what is available. Alternatively, you are tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss, earn more and have the flexibility of choosing when and where you work.

CHN Partners can help guide you through this startup phase whether starting from scratch with your own idea or purchasing a business and building from there. We believe that the first pieces of advice can be the most important and the longest lasting. Our team can answer the questions you might not know that you had and ask you the hard questions to determine if being a business owner is the right choice for you.

From structuring advice and asset protection to choosing the right technology and tax minimisation, we can help develop a plan for you and your family. You’re still going to make some mistakes along the way but we’ll help you to get it right with the most important decisions to start your business off on the right foot.

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Growing a business is seen as the key to tapping into the financial rewards of being in business in the first place. But it’s easier said than done.

At CHN Partners, we’re here to help you identify opportunities to maximise business growth, minimise growing pains and increase your profit and wealth – this is what we are passionate about.

Managing a Business

At this stage you will generally have a few years of experience with significant revenue and a reasonable understanding of how your business runs. However, you and your staff may be becoming complacent and profitability may be stagnating or even declining. You may also be spending long hours being involved in the day to day operations, instead of your role as head of the company.

CHN Partners can take a deep dive into your performance to help you get a more complete view of the areas you are acing and areas where improvement could be made. With the use of three-way forcasting, strategic planning, regular management meetings and budget preparation and reviews, we can assist you consolidate and maximise your profitability.

This is also the stage where you will likely be transferring some of the day to day operations and responsibilities to your highly qualified team. This can be a daunting processes, however it will enable you to focus on the high level tasks to bring your business to the next level.

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Your priority as a business owner is servicing your customers, while keeping the day to day operations running smoothly.

CHN Partners can help you consolidate your financial position and eliminate the ‘white noise’ of compliance, so you are free to run your business more efficiently and effectively.

Growing a Business

You’ve been in business for a while now and generate a reasonable and consistent income but you’re looking for more. Your cashflow might be a little tight with the exponential growth occurring and you might be struggling to divide your time between a new range of demands.

We can assist with reviewing your systems and processes to ensure you have the basics down pat, enabling you to focus on growing your business. Debtor management processes can be implemented to help improve cashflow, allocation of resources can be reviewed to ensure operations are running smoothly and we can assist you in actually understanding how well your business is operating.

CHN Partners will provide you the tools to help you grow your business, minimise your tax and secure you future.

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Your business is possibly one of the largest investments that you hold and often represents a significant part of your retirement and future lifestyle plans. It is therefore imperative that a detailed plan is developed prior to exiting your business.

CHN Partners can help plan your exit, putting you on the right foot for the next stage in your life.

Exiting a Business

Have you thought about your retirement and what will happen to your business?

Developing an exit strategy or succession plan is an often overlooked part of the business process and often occurs too late. By setting a clear timeline and putting steps in place early you can save tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in tax and legal costs. The emotional distress that can occur during a business transition can also be significantly reduced with proper planning.

CHN Partners can assist you by asking the questions that you may not have thought about and put in place a plan to enable you maximise the business value while minimising any tax liabilities.

You might also be planning on having a family member ‘take over’ your role within the company. Proper planning can ensure this is smooth process, with minimal interruption to business operations.

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Our Team

Our team’s a mixture of young and old. We often say we’re like a big family. We get to know our staff’s partners, children and family well. That’s important to us. And, as a client, you can expect us to treat you with the same care and interest.

Our Clients

At CHN Partners, we help you grow your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small to medium sized company, an industry professional or family enterprise, our accountants can help you maximise growth, reduce tax and kick more financial goals.

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