Professional Services

As a professional services provider like us, your accounting needs are relatively simple, but you typically have specific structural and often complex tax requirements.

Where you also have a demanding work schedule, you may have little time to dedicate to your accounting, taxation and business growth requirements. The team at CHN Partners will identify your individual needs and objectives and assist you, at your level, with a professional and efficient service.

We cater for lawyers, engineers, architects and many other qualified professionals. This gives us extensive knowledge of the complexities and specific issues faced for these industries, some of which include; high net wealth complexities, asset protection and personal services income.

Our vast experience and continued investment in professional development provide us with the necessary skills and expertise to legally minimise your tax and guide you on the path towards increased profitability and wealth creation and protection. We aim to develop strong relationships with all our clients, taking care of your accounting, taxation and business advisory needs, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day work.