Exiting A Business

Your business is possibly one of the largest investments that you hold and often represents a significant part of your retirement and future lifestyle plans. It is therefore imperative that a detailed plan is developed prior to exiting your business. CHN Partners can help plan your exit, putting you on the right foot for the next stage in your life.

CHN accountants and business advisors.

Have you thought about your retirement and what will happen to your business?

Developing an exit strategy or succession plan is an often overlooked part of the business process and often occurs too late. By setting a clear timeline and putting steps in place early you can save tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in tax and legal costs.

The emotional distress that can occur during a business transition can also be significantly reduced with proper planning.

CHN Partners can assist you by asking the questions that you may not have thought about and put in place a plan to enable you maximise the business value while minimising any tax liabilities.

You might also be planning on having a family member ‘take over’ your role within the company. Proper planning can ensure this is smooth process, with minimal interruption to business operations.

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