The boxing day sales.

The Boxing Day Sales

Do you need it?

Your mum probably reminded you of that throughout your childhood. And it’s a good question, as we eye up the most eye-popping expensive time of year: Christmas and the Boxing Day Sales.

We get can easily get caught with going on a spending spree during the annual sales period.

Yes, there are bargains to be found, but we have put together a guide to getting through Boxing Day Sales with your wallet intact. After all, you are a business owner – and you should think about 2019 too. Let’s start.

1) Do your research

Before you burst through doors of David Jones, make a comparison of the price of the item you are considering. Make sure everything is included and check delivery on large items too.

See if there is a new model due for release. Would that be a better option? And check the length of the warranty, as this can differ between suppliers and stores.

2) When in store, don’t be impulsive

Sure, your dopamine levels might skyrocket momentarily when you see your an item of clothing or a new toy that looks amazing. But we implore you not to get caught up in the moment. Stick to your list and do not waiver, be strong.

And think about the tempting ‘two-for-one’ offer: do you need two, let along one of the items?

3) Don’t overstretch financially.

It’s a simple question to ask yourself before you shop: can you afford to buy the item?

Have a budget and stick to it. Avoid using credit cards and overextending facilities.

In-store finance promotions might seem attractive but beware: they’re there to encourage you to spend money.

Enjoy the Boxing Day Sales this year. But keep your discipline too.