If it is, let us be your sounding board to help you optimise the value of your business!

Board of Advice Program

The objective of our Board of Advice Program is to provide growing business with an independent sounding board to check on the key areas of your business and provide advice on steps you should look at taking to maximise your growth and profit.

The will then allow you to make informed business and personal decisions on how you can strategically grow your business.

Our Board of Advice Program enables you to take your business to the next level by accessing independent advice so you can continue to protect, grow and transition the value of your business.

After making it through the pains of growing your sales, profit and cash flow, the good news is, you have created value in your business.

Time to appoint your Board of Advice?

As a business grows, owners of private and family businesses should seek out specialist advice on matter like:

  • How to maximise profits
  • Limit risk and increase business value
  • Maximise the capital value on exit
  • Achieve financial independence

In order to provide support to businesses our Board of Advice Program offer features like:

  • Valuing your business to determine its true value
  • Analysing and tracking your business profit
  • Monitoring cash flow, budgets and targets
  • Comparing your business performance to industry performance benchmarks

Our team can arrange regular meetings with you to cover topic like:

  • Track your business performance against its financial goals
  • Discuss any governance matters that need to be addressed
  • Check and reduce your business risks
  • Manage strategic growth opportunities
  • Address any operating matters that may be affecting your business performance
  • Create action plans that will make your business more profitable and valuable
  • Periodically re-valuing your business to quantity the value created

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