Surveys of small to medium business owners has regularly identified “people” as one of their key pain points.

On 9 May, CHN Partners hosted their inaugural breakfast briefing to 25 clients covering some of the most important areas of consideration when employing staff. With a brilliant breakfast menu from the wonderful team at The Scented Garden, our guests were well fuelled for an insightful and interactive session.


To get the ball rolling, we were extremely excited to have Lauren Wood from Xero to talk about Single Touch Payroll. This is one of the major changes coming for all business, with businesses over 20 employees already being in the STP system but for those under 20, you will need to be compliant by 1 July 2019. Lauren was able to provide an update on STP, how Xero is dealing with it and the impact that it will have upon small business.

For further information on, please refer to our website for a recently published blog on Single Touch Payroll.

With the ever-increasing minefield of legislation, changing workplace demographics and an upcoming election, it is quite an uncertain period we are entering. Peter Maguire from Ridgeline HR was able to take our audience through upcoming changes, areas of focus and what it might mean if a Labour government is elected. A fascinating insight that no doubt highlighted some areas of focus for our guests.

Martin Richardson from Corvus Group wrapped up the morning’s proceedings and provided the audience with issues around confidentiality and risk management. With the advent of the ‘cloud’ and its growing popularity, there are more employees working remotely. So, what occurs when employees use their personal devices or access from other computers? The potential exposure to scam activity and confidentiality can increase, if not managed properly.

We thank all the clients that attended and that they left with great knowledge around the HR space.

CHN Partners will be running further briefings over the year, so if you’d like to stay aware of upcoming events sign up to our blogs and various social media channels. If you’d like to see a specific area or topic covered in one of our briefings, get in contact with one of our team or let us know below.

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